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Our Mission

We are providers of luxury stone architectural elements for the discerning client. Our mission is to provide a design-through-installation service:

  • to take the time to understand our customers’ needs;
  • to inform their decisions from our experience and resources in the stone business;
  • to assist architects and designers to execute their vision;
  • to source the stone that is best suited for the project;
  • to fabricate and hand-finish every piece with superior quality and craftsmanship;
  • to provide expert installation for all projects, large and small.
Our Vision
Our vision is to be the stonecrafters of choice for builders of luxury homes. Being home to the Stone Scuptors’ Guild of Orange County, we strive to leverage synergies between the two organizations and to integrate art and architecture to better serve our customers.
Our History
The Chiarini family has been in the architectural stone business for over half a century. George Chiarini Sr started a ceramic tile and stone company in New York. His sons George Jr. and Richard joined him as soon as they were old enough to learn the intricacies of design and attention to detail. The family moved to Southern California in 1978, and while father and sons were on site working on projects, mother Helen and daughter Judith managed the office.
What started as fabrication and installation of granite and marble, soon expanded to stone sourcing and design. The Chiarini family introduced varieties of stone and colors that had never been used in custom homes before.
More complex projects and increasingly detailed carvings called for the acquisition of know-how. The family recruited classically-trained European sculptors, who in turned trained more artisans to carry on the techniques.
In 2005, the Chiarini family decided it was time to take the ancient art and propel it into the future with the latest technology. The acquisition of the first CNC machine was a step in that direction. Today, the shop includes two 5-axis machines that combine cutting, shaping and turning functions.
Aside from architectural stone, the Chiarini family has always been involved with the arts. Since 1990, they have had resident artists in their stone yard, sponsored over 100 art students and first-time carvers, and most recently became the home to the Stone Sculptors’ Guild of Orange County. To them, this is only natural: architecture is an art form, and architectural stone and stone sculpture belong together.

830 E Washington Ave
Santa Ana, California 92701
Tel: 714-547-5466
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